LogoSemanaThe economy and national markets are gradually opening, so there are some tips to keep in mind to avoid contagion.


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This week a new stage of lack of understanding began in different parts of Colombia and others are preparing to face these challenges in the coming weeks.

This is why some companies dedicated to the sale of insurance in Colombia, such as the case of Liberty, made a series of recommendations to make going to work, market shops, banks, among other places, as safe as possible. Consider these suggestions:

Face masks and hand washing
The most important thing is to maintain the use of the mask, followed by hand washing and the two-meter distance between person and person in any public place.

Although these recommendations seem obvious, it is worth remembering them, as they are the most effective way to prevent the spread and spread of the coronavirus.

Disinfect your vehicle
If your usual means of transport is the private car, disinfect the areas of greatest contact to avoid creating foci of infection. Before getting on, apply disinfectant to your hands or wash them with soap and water.

Dampen a cloth with soap and water or rubbing alcohol to disinfect the door handles, then clean the air conditioning system, steering wheel, steering levers, gear stick, dash and radio.

Don't forget the hood release lever, fuel cap and seat belts. This process takes no more than 5 minutes and contributes to the protection and care of your health.

Clean your work computer
In the office or at home, disinfect your computer daily if possible, so you will be calmer and safer when working. First wash your hands with soap and water, then dampen a lint-free cloth - hopefully microfiber - with hot water and a little soap, do not soak it.

Wet a corner of the cloth with isopropyl alcohol and allow the alcohol to evaporate. Finally, rub the cloth over all surfaces of the computer, including keyboard, mouse, monitor, and wiring. With this it will be ready for use.

Appointments in beauty salons
If you need to go to the salon, try washing your hair at home after you cut it, to reduce traffic near the washing area.
If possible, call ahead to schedule an appointment at your desired time, wait in your car or in a remote location until it is time, and be sure to ask about disinfecting practices for classroom instruments.


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Disinfect the ATM
If you have to withdraw money and thought to go to a bank, ask yourself if there is a way to use an ATM, this way you will avoid the crowds of banking facilities.

If possible, wipe with a disinfectant wipe before use or wear disposable gloves. If you do not have these implements, after the transaction apply hand sanitizer.

Outdoor or park gyms
When you decide to go out to the park, either to walk or play with your children, choose one that is close to your home to avoid using public transport and exposing yourself to the covid-19.

Keep a distance of two meters from others, avoid using the games and outdoor gyms in the parks, as well as the benches, and always go out on the schedule established by the local authorities.

Another recommendation is that, once you are at home, you change your clothes to a clean one. The most advisable thing is to keep the same change and pair of shoes to go out.

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