The suit is made of surgical fabric, or Cambre (Polypropylene), this is a crystalline thermoplastic obtained by polymerization of propylene and eventually comonomers under optimal conditions of temperature and pressure in the presence of a super-active catalyst.

This fabric allows compliance with the AAMI-PB70 standard.


In this way it gives us the following characteristics:


  • Air permeability.
  • Bacteriological barrier.
  • High tensile strength in both directions.
  • Good resistance against acids and solvents.
  • Does not degrade.
  • Does not harbor bacteria - Anti-mold.
  • Does not retain or saturate with liquids.
  • Low density.
  • Does not allow liquid penetration but is breathable.
  • 100% hydrophobic.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Resistance and thermal insulation.
  • Antiallergic and non-toxic.
  • Antistatic.