It is a suit made of surgical fabric, cambrel; with all the isolation and protection characteristics that the fabric offers, to guarantee a reduction in the percentage of contagion when moving from one place to another, in these moments of quarantine.

The suit strengthens the initiative of intelligent quarantine, isolating the entire human body in more than 90%, thus complementing the effectiveness of the mask and gloves to protect us from the coronavirus.

Its design is in overalls, which makes it easier to put on with the minimum contact of the garment, it is loose fitting so that it is worn on clothing, and thus completely isolate it from contact with the outside.

The fabric's insulation characteristics work in two ways, that is, it protects the wearer from external contact, but also protects others from the contact of the wearer. put on, this in case of being an asymptomatic patient.

The suit covers from the wrists to the neck and with its cap, protects the head, hair, ears and part of the face, also goes to the ankles thus guaranteeing less exposure to the outside.

Its comfort makes it ideal for comfortable and safe movements from the start of the trip to your destination.

It is made in various colors to improve comfort according to the personal tastes.