Managing the pandemic in Colombia is an example to follow in the world: Rafael Lozano


© Provided by W Radio It is estimated that for the month of August there are 3,450 deaths from coronavirus in the country. Photo: Colprensa

Dr. Rafael Lozano, professor at the Institute of Metrics and Health Assessment (IHME) of the University of Washington, referred to the projection of deaths from COVID-19 in Colombia and the world

According to the institute's projections, Colombia has been one of the countries that has best managed the emergency caused by the pandemic and they estimate that in August there will be 3,450 deaths from coronavirus in the country.

The expert commented in La W that they take into account for their projections the policies of each country, and the figures of the health authorities. In addition, he said that they could not know how long the crisis will take because this depends on when the cure is found.

However, they can measure the behavior of contagion and Lozano assured that in Colombia it is still necessary to reach the peak, but that the slower growth helps make it easier for the health system to attend to all patients.

Finally, he spoke about the case of his country, Mexico, and said that he does not believe that the government is hiding information about the infections, but that there is a great disorder within the institutions.

News taken from: LogoMSN